The medical devices industry

The medical device industry is responsible for the supply of various machines and equipments used in the medical and health care sector. The purposes of these equipments are varied including diagnosis, patient care, surgery and therapy such as wheelchair accessories. The equipments could be simple as the tongue depressors to complex as the X-ray machines. The industry is composed of four key players who include the distributors, manufacturers, users and consumers.

Obviously, the manufacturers are in control of the production of these devices. In a sense they design and build the medical devices. In most cases the scenario in the functions of the manufacturer is that they typically concentrate on the production of a single type of machine. And this is more evident especially when it comes to the manufacture of expensive machines. In other instances the manufacturers of these machines may be focused on a particular field such as the therapeutic devices. But when it comes to the smaller gadgets the manufacturer may supply a number of these items.


Even though the manufacturer can be defined as the genesis of all these machines, they usually depend on the health care distributor to ensure that their devices make it to the market. They may not necessary be distributor and they could be represented by sale people who are responsible for marketing and selling these products. The best place that a manufacturer can depend on for the distribution of goods is the gadget stores or the pharmacies. And in either of the two cases the retailer will either buy the goods from the distributors or in large scale dealing they might purchase them from the manufacturer.

The various goods that consumer need on a regular visit to the hospital or for their own medical recovering include the hospital beds, walkers and the walking canes, which are easily accessible to the consumers from the manufacturer. The other types of hospital equipment supplier such as the expensive equipments including the X-ray equipments are typically sold through the distributor or the sale person. Generally the representatives have their various clients who they sell to when a product arrives and they it would fit with the particular client. In the mode of operation they will spend a lot of time showcasing the capability of the machines to the clients at the hospital or the doctor’s office.

The sale representative will at times take the opportunity of training the staff on how to use the equipment after they have purchased it. The main consumers of these high end equipments are mostly in the medical professionals. The medical professionals are the ones who are directly involved on the operations of the machines on a daily basis as they execute their job obligations. The other important individuals in the medical device industry are the consumer. In essence these are the people who will be treated through the use of the equipments the medical professionals will use the machines for therapy, surgery or even diagnosis among other relevant patient care. Therefore the users will need to have patients at hand who will receive the various functions of the machines.

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