How easy is joining Indian Army?

Since the mother land of India got its independence, it was the Indian Arm force being set at first. This was proposed to bring on a safeguard to the country of India. To join Indian army is always a pride because of providing a glory to be gentleman. Since the day this came to existence, the Indian army has been serving sincerely to the nation. earlier it was quite difficult to join the armed force due to tuff competition, but today this has been simplified with providing a lot of information relating to preparation for entrance examination. This is made possible through the online portals.

Online advantage:-

With the help of the online portals of Indian army, one can easily prepare themselves to joinIndianarmy. There is indeed no need to get through a higher qualification for joining the Indian army. For some lower graded post, one just need to pass matriculation with a minimum of 55 % and for higher posts, the applicants need to pass + 2 and graduation with 55% aggregate. For the year 2016, the applications are available since 8th may 2016 and one can apply it on or before 10th June 2016.

To prepare for entrance examinations, one needs to get through the previous year questions and take a test online for practice. You can even log into the online videos of the examination papers and try at the same for different posts.


Provision of Indian army:-

Indian Army is providing with proper residential facilities for the army men with their families to set through. The education and many other opportunities are provided free of cost for the children of the Indian Army. Even for the Ex – Service Men, there are a lot of opportunities being encouraged through the Indian government for their sincere service to the country.

You can visit the site of Indian army to get through every detail that you are interested to know about the Indian army. It’s not that easy even today but the system has been simplified a lot to make the examination damn easy for the applicants. Not just the examination but the physical fitness is also a consideration for being a part of Indian Army. It is necessary that you must be fit for exercises, yoga and even heavy duty daily work outs. These all together is going to help you get a perfect impression for joining the Indian Army.

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